Because… Why not? I am feeling fairly invincible this Tunesday.

As October rolls in, and my favorite time of year is upon us, I shiver with much excitement! This song captures the end of summer so well. So I celebrate the first week of October with one of my fav’s… Here’s to you, John, and may your October be as magical as you want it to be.  

Tunesdays: Fall Favorites! 

In honor of the first week of Fall, I have the Avett Brothers on repeat.

8 Reasons I Love September


#1.  PRIMETIME. You heard me.  This is the month of all things Parenthood, Glee, and Modern Family- and that’s enough to make a gal sing. (This song, mostly.)

#2. MUSIC MUSIC MUSIC! That’s right, Jack Johnson hasn’t released an album in quite a while and this month he is going to send me some of his Hawaiian love in the form of a new CD.  I can’t wait until September 17th.  

More new tunes to enjoy: John Mayer’s ‘Paradise Valley’ released in August- It has been the soundtrack to my September. 

#3. The 21st night of September.  

Does this need an explanation? I don’t think so. 

#4. PSL.  Starbucks has the key to my heart this month.  Today was the most wonderful of them all, and we can all grab a tissue and dry our happy tears! Why? I can’t believe you didn’t know.  The Pumpkin Spice Latté is back and that means that Ella will just be a happier person most of the time! So go by your local Starbucks and thank them. Thank them for me and then buy me a PSL- I’ll be waiting. 

#5. HBD.  There are a lot of rad people with birthdays that need celebrating in September! Strap on your party boots, y’all.  

#6. It’s a what kind of day? There are lots and lots of fun holidays that we don’t even know to celebrate.  Just to name a few of my favorite things to recognize in September…. “Eat an extra desert day” or “Fight procrastination day” or “talk like a pirate day”.  I love talking, and I love pirates.  Therefore, I love this day, and I love this month! 

#7. FOOTBALLLLLL. It’s the best time of year. War Eagle, because this also doesn’t need an explanation.  


#8.  I love September for all of these lovely things, but I really love it because it leads to October, which leads to November, which runs into December, and that’s Christmas! I love the fall!  I love you, September.  Don’t ever change. <3.

Missing the sand and missing the sea.  Every time I leave it, a piece of my heart stays with it.  

"Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.."

Many times throughout my short life, I know that I have not been as grateful as I should be about ______ or complained a little too much about ______.  One thing I know for a fact is that I often times take for granted the presence of family.  Thomas Jefferson once said: 

"The happiest moments of my life have been the few which I have passed at home in the bosom of my family."

I think this is true of me.  I have so many wonderful memories and most of them happened with my family!  One thing that I have been blessed with is a huge family, and one without borders.  If you need a family for Christmas, hey, we will take you! If you need a weekend fix of family, grandmom’s house is opened for a visit.  Anytime.  Anywhere.  Everyone has an open-door policy.  It’s really a wonderful thing, and until recently I had no idea how rare that kind of family is.  

To say that is not to say that I think my family is better than one or another, but it’s definitely different.  

That’s what I have been pondering this evening.  Right now I am sitting at the beach with my family (parents, grandparents, cousins, siblings) and I was thinking about how so many others have made the same trip to the same condo and have had a similar vacation to this one.  

My point: Many families have similarities but every family is different.  For whatever reason, I have been placed in a crazy mess of love that I call my family and we work, you know? We are a blended mess and when you look past the surface, where you might see some disputes or disagreements, what you will really see is a whole lot of love and care for a bunch of wonderful people- my family people! 

This beach condo has probably been filled with people of many ages and these walls have probably heard a lot.  While MY family is here, this condo will be filled with fun, stories, music, laughter, frustrations, disagreements.

I am sitting here in a quiet room while the moms went to the store and I can hear my uncle playing his guitar and uke on the balcony.  It’s sweet music to my ears (not a pun!).  I can hear some laughter from a game coming from the bedroom, and I can almost hear the happiness of a grandparent looking at a life that he has created over a lifetime.  At this point in my life, I know that there won’t be many more opportunities to spend week long vacations with these people, which is why I am contemplating how it would be if _____ were different, or if I was born into the _____ family. My conclusion: I’m glad I wasn’t born into the ____ family… otherwise I wouldn’t be me and I wouldn’t have these lovely and imperfect people to help shape me and make me.  

Pillows and Shrubs

Recently, my invitation to a free DMB concert was rejected by my (apparently) elderly siblings.  I was rejected for bedtime and gardening.  What? Yes. Bedtime and gardening. I don’t understand.  How did yard and pillow win out over me? How did the comfort of an early bedtime and the leisure of cutting back hedges take preference over bonding time with sweet baby sister?!

Let me expand on the matter.  This morning I group-messaged my brother (32) and my sister (28) and asked if either of them would like to go to Hotlanta to see Dave Matthews at 8 PM for a free concert in the park.  (Did you hear the “free” part?).  Well after a hoo-ra of “sounds fun” and “when where what” responses from the two of them, I thought- hey- we are SO going.  But (what I thought was) the excitement was short lived.  My sister said she couldn’t go because she had to do yard work (what?) and my brother couldn’t because he had to get up early the next morning for work.  It’s like they suddenly aged twenty years.

So can we just talk about how Aubie stole Quinn’s bike this morning? Just another casual morning on the plains! @Alpha_Ott #wareagle #aubie #justanotherday (at Aubie’s Playground)

Oh hey national sibling day, I have the best siblings ever. I’m thankful for them and all the fun things we do together! #memories #siblings #nationalsiblingday #love @jakehembree @lindsayslice

My tissue box is like a big sign that tells others to run. Two people have started to sit next to me and then walked away upon seeing the box. I’m sorry I’m SNIFFLY. What do you want from me people?! I would love for my nose to stop running too. Happy Thursday!